Specializing in Brown Kitchens

What does your choice of Classic Kitchen Designs’ brown kitchen cabinets say about you? It tells us that you are a wholesome, down-to-earth person whose got both feet firmly planted on the ground.

At Classic Kitchen Designs, we like the type of person who chooses brown kitchen cabinets; the type of person who shares the same values we do; and the type of person we enjoy working with on their dream brown kitchen ideas.

Our range of classic brown kitchen cabinets reflect these wholesome values: promoting comfort; the simplicity of design; and, most importantly, good quality.

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At Classic Kitchen Designs we pride ourselves in helping you bring your new brown kitchen cabinet ideas to life. We’ve been doing this for 40 years, since we, helped by a team of quality cabinet makers, started manufacturing our simple brown kitchen cabinets.

In 1978 we supplied traditional brown kitchen cabinets locally to clients in our home city of Mississauga. Today, we have grown to offer, not only quality brown kitchen cabinets but also design and renovation services to clients all across the Greater Toronto area.

Our founders, Wes, and Jennie Kehler established the business in 1978 on a foundation of providing quality products, quality service and with quality family values. Our classic brown kitchen cabinets reflect these values; values that remain the same today as they were back then.

Classic Kitchens Designs brown kitchen cabinets create an atmosphere of friendliness, approachability, and sincerity. Brown kitchen cabinets also promote feelings of honesty, of reliability and of quiet confidence.

The various tones we use in our cream and brown kitchen cabinets range each has its own ambiance:

  • Our dark brown kitchen cabinets depict an air of responsibility.
  • Espresso brown kitchen cabinets exude a sense of support and trustworthiness.
  • Friendliness and approach-ability are reflected in our range of chocolate kitchen cabinets.
  • Cream or light brown kitchen cabinets express sensitivity and generosity.

A choice of brown kitchen cabinets indicates a wholesome, down-to-earth person who holds friends and family in high regard. New quality brown kitchen cabinets will provide the perfect welcoming, friendly and sincere environment in which to greet them time and time again.

Each one of our simple brown kitchen design ideas has been made to the highest quality standards. Each one is produced by a skilled craftsperson who has been awarded membership of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer Association (KCMA) for their high level of skill.

Before you take ownership, each of our inexpensive brown kitchen cabinets will have been given the KCMA seal of approval to assure its quality. Every single component of our brown kitchen cabinets comes with an assurance of the quality of materials; an assurance of quality of craftsmanship; and an assurance of adherence to the quality of safety and environment standards.

Providing this level of quality in our products and services has allowed us to maintain and grow our business for four decades. Our business has grown through word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied customers. The quality of our brown kitchen cabinets speaks for itself; our satisfied customers are only too happy to to friends, family and colleagues about the quality we offer. Referrals such as these have been the life blood of our business from the start and remain so today.

So, what’s the price? Well, we are not in the business of providing cheap brown kitchen cabinets; we are in the business of providing inexpensive brown kitchen cabinets. Given the quality, given the craftsmanship and given the joy you will get from your new brown kitchen cabinets you may be wowed by the price our inexpensive brown kitchen cabinets.

But, then again, maybe you won’t be wowed. Maybe you won’t consider the quality. Maybe you will be lured by the short term benefits of cheap brown kitchen cabinets. You might decide not to have that simple, comfortable quality kitchen that you want today – and that’s OK. You’ll be just fine and, most importantly, your friends and family will understand. It would be a shame, though. Wouldn’t it?

To miss out on those new dream brown kitchen cabinets, that would be a shame. That wholesome, sincere and welcoming environment provided by your new brown kitchen cabinets. That perfect environment for you to greet and host your most dearest; your friends and your family, time and time again

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