U Shape Kitchen Cabinets

Pros and Cons: U Shaped Kitchen

It is always difficult to decide what kind of kitchen you need while renovating your house. There are plenty of ideas and one of the most popular is the u shaped kitchen. This type of kitchen is ideal for those who want to be able to see everything from different angles. Keep reading this article to find out more about the u-shaped kitchen and its pros and cons, so you will be able to make the right decision.

What is u shaped kitchen?

If you’ve never heard about a u-shaped kitchen then this article is definitely for you. Let’s start with understanding what it is and what it usually looks like. Usually, in such a kitchen, various cabinets and appliances are located along three adjacent walls. This way they create a form close to the letter u. This is an effective design that gives your kitchen a stylish modern look.

Pros of u shaped kitchen

Among the many ideas, this is perhaps the most practical design. Such type of kitchen is suitable almost for all sizes and shapes of rooms. There are plenty of advantages that will affect your choice, but let’s discuss the most common ones. 

A lot of places for storage

When you have a lot of kitchen utensils and other things but the typical kitchen is too small, then a u-shaped one is a good idea. Thanks to the three connected walls, there is enough space for cabinets. It means a lot of free storage space. 

In u-shaped kitchens, there may be a place even for a kitchen island. With the help of this idea, you can add even additional counter space and storage.

You can easily cook with other people together

Another cool advantage of such a kitchen is the opportunity to be there with other people without creating traffic by sharing your responsibilities. You can cook back to back and go about your business without interfering with each other. If you have children, you can also use one part of the kitchen for cooking, and allocate the other two to children. Another advantage follows from this one.

Three necessary kitchen zones can be placed there

As you already know, in such a kitchen, surfaces and cabinets are placed along three walls, respectively, each side of your kitchen can be used for a specific zone. In this case, it will be much easier to keep your kitchen clean and avoid mess while cooking. If you cook with other people, then you can just share your responsibilities and each of you takes one side of the kitchen.

More cooking space

One of the main benefits of the u-shaped layout is that it allows you to have more space for cooking while keeping your workspace in a separate part of the kitchen. This will be very useful if you want to spend some time on other activities besides cooking.

There are even more advantages than you can imagine. So what other advantages does such a layout have?

  • It lets you see what’s happening around you with ease;
  • It allows for easy access to the dishwasher and refrigerator;
  • There’s more room for comfortable seating.

Cons of u shaped kitchen

For a more efficient and functional kitchen, a u-shaped layout is suitable. Thanks to all the traditional amenities and appliances arranged symmetrically, this configuration will leave you plenty of room to move around. However, despite all the advantages of such a kitchen, it also has its drawbacks, which are important to take into account to avoid further problems.

Corner cabinets

For some people, corner cabinets are a huge problem, as it is more difficult to get to them, not to mention the items that are piled up in the farthest corner of the cabinet. Another problem with corner cabinets is that they take up too much space. In many homes, every piece of space is important, so if you plan to use such a kitchen layout, make sure that your kitchen area is large enough for it to work.

Such a kitchen takes away floor area

If you install cabinets on all three sides, this will significantly reduce the floor area. Due to the small area, the kitchen may seem too enclosed. Moreover, you are surrounded by three high walls of furniture and household appliances. It also takes up a lot of space, you may also feel too enclosed in the walls of your kitchen. However, this disadvantage is not always relevant, because everything depends on the size of the room in which your kitchen is located.

Not budget-friendly

This is probably one of the most unpleasant disadvantages. Due to the fact that three walls are involved in the layout of such a kitchen, buying cabinets and kitchen appliances can be quite expensive. The more spacious the kitchen, the more you will spend on the buying of household appliances and countertops.

No space for a large work surface

One more problem with the u-shaped kitchen layout is that it doesn’t include a large work surface. For some people, this option can be a bit inconvenient, especially if they like to show off some unusual serving dishes or kitchen utensils. If so, you can consider other kitchen layouts, for example, with an island (plus there is always the option to add it yourself).

How to design u shaped kitchen

One of the most popular kitchen layouts around the world is the U-shaped design. This layout provides ample space for cooking and cleaning, as well as many other areas. Designers often create a u-shape kitchen considering all the different activities that will take place in the kitchen: cooking, cleaning, socializing. If you have already decided for sure that such a kitchen is what you need, that’s great. The next question you may have is which layout is better. Here we are going to share with you the most popular ideas.

U-shaped kitchen with peninsula

The first is undoubtedly a U-shaped kitchen with a peninsula. This layout includes a peninsula that is elevated on the corner of the wall. A peninsula is a great idea for creating such a type of kitchen in a large space. 

U-shaped kitchen with island

The next one is a U-shaped kitchen with an island. Perhaps one of the most popular designs for large rooms. These are the only ones that have a separate island that can be used for storing and cooking food. Moreover, you can also put in it some personal items that you like or decorative elements and plants.

Central dining table

If the idea of a kitchen island does not suit you, then you can place a kitchen table in the center instead. A large central dining table in the kitchen is also one of the popular ideas in this area as it gives you a convenient place to sit and eat, and even relax while somebody else is cooking.

Open shelving

One of the disadvantages of such a kitchen is an enclosed space, so if you want to avoid the feeling of isolation, then open shelves instead of cabinets are for you. This option is especially suitable for small rooms, so you will have enough light and the kitchen will not look closed. In this case, you will have a little more space for storing food and even some tools for cooking.

Handless cabinets in a small kitchen

There is one good way to get the most use out of your space. You can buy units that are handleless and open themselves outwards thanks to clever hinges, giving you a lot more storage space.

Mirrored cabinets

Another great idea for a small kitchen is cabinets with mirrors. They provide excellent reflection, which helps to make your small kitchen bigger and brighter. Moreover, such cabinets are practical, save floor space, and they offer a number of advantages. 

What materials to use for such a kitchen?

When choosing furniture for your future kitchen you should remember one important thing. The materials you use for this kitchen should be as similar as possible. Many types of them can be used for countertops and kitchens in general. You can easily find a great number of materials to use when designing a U-shaped kitchen:

  • Veneer sheet goods;
  • Face frame cabinets; 
  • Solid wood cabinets;
  • Slab doors and drawers;
  • Laminate countertops; 
  • Wood or granite for the backsplash.

The final choice of material depends on the amount of money you have to spend and the aesthetic beauty that is necessary for the kitchen. If you have enough money for quality materials, then you can consider granite or marble countertops that will last longer than other materials and make your kitchen exquisite.

Are u shaped kitchens out of style?

Not at all! However, If the only thing that keeps you from installing this type of kitchen is the fear that such a kitchen will go out of fashion, we will say with confidence that you have nothing to fear. This arrangement of cabinets and other kitchen furniture will be relevant for a long time, it is better to pay attention to the design and choice of the color palette. There are many design options for such a kitchen and you can find what is right for you and what will always be relevant. In fact, they are very intentional in a lot of homes now. Here are some tips and ideas on how to design your own u-shaped kitchen with style:

  • Choose light colors;
  • Include lots of natural lighting;
  • Open up hallways and rooms;
  • Choose good quality furniture;
  • Maximize floor space.

Now you know why u-shaped kitchens are so popular. They take up less space than a linear kitchen and provide enough space for cooking and storing food. An unobstructed view also helps to maintain order in the kitchen. The popularity of u-shaped kitchens is growing due to the many advantages they can offer compared to traditional linear layouts. Yes, there are some disadvantages, but compared to the pros, they seem insignificant and the problem can be easily avoided.