Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Toronto, Select Hardware Correctly

So you’ve chosen the cabinets you want? The paint colour, the material, and all the other factors you had to take into account? Well, unfortunately for those who dislike making choices, you’re not clear yet. Now it’s time to choose what hardware you want to put on those brand new cabinets. Without them, you won’t be able to open your cabinets to get your stuff. And what good is having stuff if you can’t get to them? In this article, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about kitchen cabinet hardware in Toronto, and how to select hardware correctly. Let’s quickly go over all the different types you can choose, shall we?

Knobs (Steel and Nickel) – These particular knobs are perfect for those living the minimalist life. Not only do they go well with most cabinet options, but they’re clean and will last decades. A lot of people find these knobs to go great with black countertops, and overly modern looking lights and light fixtures. Once you’ve chosen a steel or nickel knob, you’ll need to decide whether you want them to be brushed or very shiny. This is up to your personal preference, as both works with the above-mentioned designs and themes.

Knobs (Glass and Ceramic) – These particular knobs are great for wooden themed kitchens. Examples being rustic kitchens or even farmhouse kitchens. These types of knobs are designed to provide a warm feeling throughout the kitchen. The material allows for exceptional color options and a lot of flexibility in design.

Pulls (Tubular Bar) – This is a great option for older people who don’t necessarily enjoy using very small knobs. They work great on most kitchen doors, and they work exceptionally well on traditional kitchen doors. Usually, these are placed on doors with flat panels and will work with almost any design.

Pulls (Flat Bar) – Flat bar pulls are what you need to choose if you want a super sturdy option. Do you have kids that like to throw doors open and closed like they’re indestructible? Or are you in a high output kitchen that needs protection from constant use? Well, this is the option for you. The last decades, and aren’t going anywhere, regardless of what you throw at them. Usually, they match well with square countertops and rough-looking materials. Work well for most minimalists, and don’t particularly work well in rustic and farmhouse kitchens.

Engraving – This is a super unique option used primarily in rustic and farmhouse kitchens. Rather than having a piece of hardware sticking outwards from a cabinet, it’s actually engraved right into the appliance. This is most commonly on wood because handles can be carved right into them. Works great because they’ll last as long as the cabinet, and can be made to any size and any design. Can be painted any colour, and are super awesome on the hands.

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