Kitchen Cabinet Drawers Versus Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Your kitchen is super important. Not only is it where you cook food for your family, but it’s usually the center of your home. It’s where you hand your children their lunch before sending them off to school. It’s where you make your morning coffee and chat with your significant other about the days ahead of you. It’s where you sit down and discuss your days. Life wouldn’t be the same without these things, and because of us, we feel as though it’s time to discuss something that’s been on the mind of renovators for quite a while. Which is better for storage in your kitchen. Kitchen cabinet drawers, or kitchen cabinet doors? The answer has changed over time with new trends and emerging technology, but what about in the year 2020? Fortunately for anyone who’s interested, we have the answers.

Let’s talk a little bit about cabinet drawers. To start, they’re exactly as they sound. Drawers simply slide out of an allotment and are super easy to use. They come in hundreds of different designs, colors, and shapes. A lot of people argue that drawers are better than doors because you can access everything within them with little to no hassle whatsoever. For example, if you open up a cabinet door in an attempt to get something from the back, you’ll need to move everything in front of it first. With a drawer, all you need to do is slide it outwards. If you get a drawer that’s more modern, the sliding mechanisms won’t even take up all that much room. Meaning, you’re essentially getting the same amount of storage space, you’re just making it easier to access. There are even gadgets you can buy to help you organize your drawers, depending on what they are of course. There are all sorts of utensil trays available to you, as well as cup trays, pan trays, and more.

Now that we’ve talked about cabinet drawers, let’s talk about kitchen cabinet doors. Although it may be slightly more difficult to reach the back of these doors, they do have one significant advantage over drawers. You can store much bigger items, as well as much heavier items. That’s right, with drawer rails you’re somewhat limited in terms of what you can store. You wouldn’t want to put something overly large inside it and break its supports. A door on the other hand doesn’t need any supports because you’re using the frame of the storage compartment.

Another massive advantage that doors have over drawers is that you can actually hang things on the inside of the door. You can even buy specialized organizers that hang on the inside of the door. It’s a fantastic way to make good use of the space. Definitely, one that you should be using if you choose cabinet drawers. Cabinet doors are also commonly used by people looking for a classy or traditional kitchen look. Back in the day, everyone used cabinet doors. Not only were they effective, but they did their job well. They look the part, and really just remind people of what a good kitchen looks like. Not to mention you’ll never have to worry about drawers that won’t slide properly. Nor will you have to worry about drawers that just don’t open at all.

Now that we’ve discussed both, let’s talk about using both. A lot of people think that they have to choose between one or the other, but that’s not always the case. Most people decide to use both. Drawers tend to go on the top and are perfect for cutlery and small appliances. Doors go on the bottom and are usually used to store large items. Doors are also a very good way of hiding plumbing and electrical systems. Speaking of plumbing and electrical, doors are a great way for contractors to get access. It’s virtually impossible for someone to get inside and repair your infrastructure if you’ve put drawers in front of them. Long story short, the right answer depends on who you are and what you need. Choose what’s best for you, regardless of what a website or blog tells you. Focus on your needs and your needs alone.