Elegant White Kitchen Cabinets

Choose Classic Kitchen Designs for your elegant white kitchen cabinets and instantly you will have that I’ve-Just-Got-My-Dream-Kitchen feeling.

You will have a feeling of discovery with the integrity, creativity and reliability of design and remodelling that goes into Classic Kitchen Designs’ modern white oak kitchen cabinets. You will have a feeling of satisfaction with life enhancements and relaxation that our simple white kitchen cabinets provide for you, your family and your friends. You will have a feeling of pride from working with some of the most sought-after designers and manufacturers of soft white kitchen cabinets in the area.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website and considering Classic Kitchen Designs to help you implement your white kitchen cabinet ideas. We want to make sure you really do get that I’ve-Just-Got-My-Dream-Kitchen feeling.

Classic Kitchen Designs is a family run business based in Mississauga that was started in 1978 by Wes and Jennie Kehler. We started out by collaborating with some of the best and most desirable cabinet makers around to provide a 3-fold service:

    • Renovation Service – Home remodelling and renovation service to help you upgrade your existing home or kitchen.
    • Manufacturing Service – Manufacturing of quality inexpensive white kitchen cabinets.
    • Design Service – Production of some of the best kitchen designs with white cabinets that you can find anywhere.

We still provide these services today and we still maintain our family oriented approach to business. This 3-fold service approach means that we can cover ALL of your needs without you having to engage with multiple contractors.

At Classic Kitchen Designs, you will experience the feeling of quality that goes into all of our products. Every one of our simple white kitchen cabinets are produced by members of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer Association (KCMA).

ALL of our cabinets carry the blue and white KCMA seal of certification. There is no need to have concerns over warranty issues when you buy white kitchen cabinets carrying this seal of approval. Classic Kitchen Designs are also members of the National Kitchen & Bath Association, the Retail Council of Canada, and BILD (Building Industry of the Land Development) Association.

You can choose from a variety of cabinet styles ranging from traditional elegant white kitchen cabinets to modern white oak kitchen cabinets. Every cabinet is manufactured using high quality materials and with adherence to current safety and environmental codes.

As for the price; we offer you inexpensive white kitchen cabinets. Inexpensive certainly in terms of the quality of manufacture; inexpensive certainly in terms of the level of expertise that goes into their design and manufacture; and inexpensive certainly in terms of the feeling of satisfaction you will have every time you step into your new Classic Kitchen Designs kitchen.

Classic Kitchen Designs also offer a renovation service, whereby we can either implement one of your own ideas or work with you to create something brand new and original. Whatever your kitchen renovation plans are, we will use all of the skill, experience and knowledge we have built up over 40 years in business to ensure that your plan is executed on time and within your budget.

Our longevity says it all. We have 40 years in business and we have grown to provide elegant white kitchen cabinets to clients across the entire Greater Toronto area. Our growth has come through word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied customers impressed with our integrity, reliability and creativity. We have maintained these qualities from day one and, still today, they remain the foundation upon which our company stands.

Your dream kitchen is one step away. As great an experience as it is in your old kitchen, it is nothing compared to the feeling you will have stepping into your new Classic Kitchen Designs kitchen with fresh white or cream kitchen cabinets. Nothing compared to the ultimate relaxation and life enhancements your new kitchen will provide for you, your family and your friends. Nothing compared to that I’ve-Just-Got-My-Dream-Kitchen feeling.

So, if you would like to enquire about our services, or about the cost of white kitchen cabinets, or if you are ready to buy white kitchen cabinets, call us TODAY for a Free Consultation!