Decor Cabinets In Morden – 28 Years And Still Going Strong

Decor Cabinets in Morden, Manitoba has been around since 1977, and they are proud to celebrate the many years of success that they’ve had throughout the years. When people are choosing cabinets, sometimes it’s hard to picture how they will look in your home. To make the cabinet selection process a little easier for people, they have a showroom right in Morden where customers can see the cabinets for themselves. Decor also has two full manufacturing facilities located there.

Decor has been granted a number of different awards, distinctions, and certifications over the years such as:

  • Environmental Stewardship Program
  • Wood Products Quality Council
  • Wood Manufacturing Council HR Award
  • Innovation in Human Resources Award

Decor Cabinets is also known to be on the top 20 list of companies that are rapidly growing in Manitoba, and they are even starting to expand to other places throughout Canada and the United States.

What Sets Decor Cabinets Apart From The Rest?

Decor Cabinets states a number of factors that makes them stand out from the other cabinet companies:

  • Their facilities are modern
  • They use only the best materials in their craftsmanship
  • Their equipment is always in tip-top condition
  • They offer their staff valuable training

Because of the amount of training they offer their staff, it creates a skilled workforce that produces only the best products. In turn, the customers receiving the products are happier with their purchases.

Decor Cabinets believes that the reason they are so successful is that they place a lot of value in keeping great relationships with customers, staff, dealers, suppliers, and everyone in the surrounding communities.

The decor is always supporting organizations that are involved in assisting people less fortunate. They are always willing to go above and beyond to give a neighbor a helping hand and to show compassion along with that.

Why Is There A Demand For Decor Cabinets?

Decor believes that their services and products are in such high demand because they are always staying one step ahead of the technology and design. Decor offers a creative finish that makes their style and cabinet design more of a niche market for the bath and kitchen industry. If you’re considering doing a home renovation product in the near future, consider Talora by Decor Cabinets.