Current Kitchen Design Trends To Fit Your Lifestyle

Kitchen trends tend to be like the clothing and electronics market. Both tend to change and adapt as time progresses. One year you’ll see every house you look at with white cabinetry, and the next year everyone might have cherry-colored cabinets. When all is said and done, you’ll generally want to choose a kitchen design that will suit your taste. Conforming to the same style of kitchen design just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean that you have to.

What Are The Latest Trends In Kitchens?

Sconce Lighting

Sconce lighting is an ideal way to brighten up your kitchen space. If you want to redesign your kitchen and want to keep things light, then sconce lighting is the perfect way to do that. Though you might have to sacrifice some upper cabinet space in order to get sconce lighting, this option makes to be a welcome addition to any kitchen. A nice thing about sconce lighting is that you can aim the lights in each and every direction.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is an ideal way to show your prized possessions off to anyone that walks the cabinets. This kitchen design can be a perfect showcase for a glass collection or other unique memorabilia and will give your kitchen a more lived-in type of feel that might have you feeling more comfortable and warm.

One thing to note with this current trend in kitchen design is that things can look crowded pretty fast if you overload the shelves with too many things.

Cabinetry With Two Colors

Two Color Cabinetry has been around for ages and isn’t necessarily going to pop up in a magazine that reveals new trends in kitchens. It has been starting to pick up in popularity as of late and going with a lighter and brighter color on the top cabinets and a darker color on the bottom cabinets can be quite appealing. If you think you might go with two color cabinetry, it’s important that you love the colors that you’re choosing because that is the deciding factor that can make or break this type of kitchen design.

Gold, Brass, And Black Hardware Fixtures

If you’re more of the type of person that likes to add a fair amount of depth and originality to your kitchen, then aged gold and black hardware can do just that. For those that want to stay safe and like the more sleek look, then brass is a perfect choice. More and more often, range hoods are becoming increasingly popular in making a statement throughout kitchen design trends.


Around the oven and range hood lies some additional space that can be utilized. Adding a unique backsplash is the perfect way to make use of that space. Limestone, marble, and even tile backsplashes can add a whole new look to your kitchen.

Reclaimed And Recycled Material

In kitchen design, the choices are endless when it comes to using recycled and reclaimed material. Recycled glass can be used efficiently for backsplash designs, while reclaimed wood makes to be a good material to be used for countertops.

For those that are eco-conscious, reclaimed and recycled material will not only keep your mind at ease in regard to the environment but will also add originality that many materials can’t.

An important thing to note is that even though these kitchen design trends could be popular right now, that doesn’t mean that they will remain popular for the next five years or even one year. Kitchen trends change all of the time, and the most important factor is that you are satisfied with what you choose.