Classic Blue Kitchen Cabinets

“Select one of Classic Kitchen Designs’ range of blue kitchen cabinets and you will introduce peace and tranquility to your kitchen and your home.”

What your choosing Blue says about you is that you are calm, cool, loyal and trustworthy person. That’s why we just love working with customers who want our blue kitchen cabinets; because these are values our family business shares with you.

Thank you for visiting our site and discovering how Classic Kitchen Designs can help realize your new blue kitchen cabinet ideas.

Classic Kitchen Designs is an established Kitchen Cabinet manufacturer based in Mississauga. We’ve been around for 40 years and today, as well as the manufacture of quality blue kitchen cabinets, we also provide design and renovation services.

We started out as a small family business. Wes and Jennie Kehler, along with some of the best local cabinet makers, began production of quality inexpensive blue kitchen cabinets in 1978. We’ve grown from those modest family beginnings; increasing our knowledge, experience, and services along the way.

Today, we remain a family business and we’re still providing our 3 core services of Design, Manufacture, and Renovation. So, when you choose us to realize your dream kitchen with blue kitchen cabinets, you’ll get a full end-to-end service without the hassle of handing over between different suppliers.

Did you know that blue is the world’s most popular color? People warm to the feelings of harmony and serenity that blue gives them. Your new Classic Kitchen Designs blue kitchen cabinets will ignite these same feelings for you, your family and your friends every time they’re in your new kitchen.

Nothing transforms your kitchen the way a new-blue-hue does. From the richness of our navy blue kitchen cabinets; to the open-air freshness of our skylight blue kitchen cabinets. Or from the power and strength depicted in our ocean blue kitchen cabinets; to the subtle and moody feeling of our indigo blue kitchen cabinets.

Blue is the color of a clear sky and a clean ocean. Let this clean, clear and popular color breath new life into your kitchen”

From Day One, our business has been based on providing quality products and services:

  • Each one of our beautiful blue kitchen design ideas is produced to high-quality standards.
  • Each one of our artisans has attained membership of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer Association (KCMA) through their high-quality craftsmanship.
  • Each one of our finished products comes with a quality-assured seal of approval from the KCMA.
  • So, you can rest assured that your blue kitchen cabinets dream will not turn into a nightmare.

We offer you a range of blue kitchen cabinet styles. From sophisticated navy blue kitchen cabinets to cheery aqua blue kitchen cabinets; each hue offering you something special to compliment your family, your home and your environment.

Whatever your choice, our complete range of quality blue kitchen cabinets comes with the same quality standards; is produced using the same high quality of materials; and meets the same quality required by current safety and environmental guidelines.

This is how we have maintained our business for 40 years and how we have grown to provide quality blue kitchen cabinets to satisfied customers all across Greater Toronto. Our quality speaks about our company and our customers speak about our quality. It’s this word-of-mouth referral of quality that we’ve had since our formation and we still maintain today.

You might ask “all this comes at a price, right”? You may be surprised by the answer; we offer you inexpensive blue kitchen cabinets. Inexpensive compared to the quality, compared to the craftsmanship and compared to the satisfaction you’ll get from your new blue kitchen cabinets.

The feelings of harmony, serenity, and peacefulness that radiate from your new blue kitchen cabinets can wait. Hey, you love blue; you’re a cool, calm and trustworthy person; you’ll know when now is the right time for you to buy blue kitchen cabinets.

When it is that time, call us NOW for a Free Consultation.